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Xarxes3, health-care centres directory


Description: Manages centres relation, critical attention network, centres interrelationship and related information with attention services.
Technologies: J2EE, Google Maps, AJAX, XML, Oracle 10
Customer: catalonian Medical Emergency Services ('Servei d'Emergències Mèdiques')

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Interactive Use Plan of Ciutat Vella district


Description: Development of interactive map that shows in a visual way the use plan of the district of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona
Technologies: Flex/Flash, AJAX, XML , integrated with Vignette
Customer: IECISA

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Web 2.0 Multimedia Catalogue Management


Description: Web application 2.0 for multimedia sources catalogation, programming management and content diffusion to networks of narrowcasting and/or broadcasting.
Technologies: PHP, Javascript 2.0

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Web TV Program "Cues de pansa"

Description: Design and development of the web site of the catalonian TV channel TV3's program "Cues de Pansa".
Technologies: PHP, MySQL
Customer: CCRTV Interactiva

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Road Accidents web management


Description: Road accidents management web application for racing vehicles.
Technologies: PHP, Javascript
Customer: Segurengin (Caixa d'Enginyers)

Web TV Channel

Description: Web application for adverstising shop screens content management.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL

CCRTVI Webmail

Description: Installation, adaptation and customization of mail clients for integration with the site's layout and the own systems.
See correu.super3.net
See correu.tv3.cat
See correu.3xl.net
See correu.ritmes.net
Technologies: PHP, JS, CSS
Customer: CCRTV Interactiva

Antir Logistics

Description: Web application which allows to manage and track packaging processes.
Technologies: ASP, C#, SQLServer 2005
Customer: Depósito y Logística Antir

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Bus stops and routes management

Description: Web utility for data computerization and managing of bus routes, bus stops, furniture, etc.
Technologies: PHP, Oracle
Customer: Entitat Metropolitana del Transport de Barcelona (EMT)